I'm Giulio and I'm a (Front End)Web Developer(Programmer).


I to craft and implement user experiences, designs and user interfaces for sites and web applications on the Open Web Platform.

Ok, this is just a mouthful to say the I play with technologies such as HTML, CSS, SVG and JavaScript.

My main interest is in JavaScript, Vanilla JavaScript. I love(d) jQuery but today I try to use it only when necessary.
Talking about application development frameworks, I had some experience with Backbone and now I'm happily stuck with React.js.

I assemble responsive/mobile-first layouts, designs and animations with CSS and SVG, (pre/post)processed with tools like Sass, PostCSS, Autoprefixer and CleanCSS.

I code semantic and accessible(still learning here) markup with HTML.

I integrate this markup in applications with templating systems such as WordPress, Twig(I liked to use it in WordPRess itsels with the Timber plugin), Mustache, Handlebars.js

I've a strong interest in design, in its several forms, from the User Experience to the graphics and the animation, but I have a lot to learn here.


I'm an ex fullstack WordPress developer so I am(was?) proficient on the *AMP stack(Apache, PHP, MySQL).
But now that I'm back to my very first 'love', JavaScript, I am mainly(only?) interested in Js-based backends(Node.js and its ecosystem) and isomorphic applications.

With WordPress I first worked on plugins and then, as I switched to the dark side of FE, I worked on themes.


I use git as version control tool.

Build Tools. I started with Grunt, but at the moment I'm experimenting with Node.js based scripting and NPM scripts (This's another opportunity to use Js).

I cook code with Notepad++, Atom(JavaScript for desktop applications!)




I love this definition of Lifelong Learning found on Wikipedia:

the "ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated" pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. Therefore, it not only enhances social inclusion, active citizenship, and personal development, but also self-sustainability, rather than competitiveness and employability.

and I'm constantly craving for foods for thoughts.
I'm interested in CS&Math and currently, when I can find some time, I study calculus and linear algebra and their applications to numerical analysis algorithms and data visualization.

I'm an Art Lover and maybe one day I'll be an artist...I hope so.

I love all Good Music, with an preference on energetic sounds. Too many name here but now I'm stuck with RedHot and FooFighters.

Sometimes I eat,
Sometimes I sleep
Sometimes I make other things...